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#Hunspanderer er en holdningskampanje for likestilling i Norge. Kvinner er den største gruppen av mennesker som har vært diskriminert over lengst tid. Likevel blir kvinneundertrykkelse ofte sett på som et ”kvinneproblem” heller enn et menneskerettighetsproblem, og økt likestilling blir vurdert som noe som primært angår og gavner kvinner. Man vet imidlertid at samfunn med mer likestilling fungerer bedre både økonomisk og sosialt.



#ShesGotThis is a non-profit organization addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. With humor and honesty our mission is to tackle the institutionalized gender discrimination that is hard to identify, but still happens on a daily basis and has significant implications for society and individuals alike.
We seek to highlight all the individual episodes that separately don't stand out, but when accumulated shape our views and actions. This campaign was originally created and launched by a group of young, passionate volunteers in Oslo, Norway during the fall of 2015. The campaign reached more than one million people on social media, triggered  thousands of shared "brand filtered images", got massive media attention and public support from over 15 celebrities in Norway.

launch #ShesGotThis in your country 

Due to its massive success, we want to empower people globally  to "copy, paste" the campaign and roll it out in their countries.  We have created a complete toolkit with everything you need ranging from design profile to copy to advice on funding and press. Sweden, Iceland, London and Finland are already working on local launches and we welcome anyone interested in doing the same to contact us using the form below so we can help get you started.



In Norway, one of the world's most gender equal countries, we've considerably come far when it comes to true gender equality. But not all discriminating behaviours are obvious. Women are still mistaken to be assistants as opposed to leaders, and mothers are more often than not having to sacrifice work when kids are sick. 15 times as many women than men work part time to ensure family logistics work out.  

These are all things women are expected to sacrifice. 

So what's expected from men? Well... that they pick up the check at restaurants and bars every so often.

is that really fair? 

As a first step towards a more equal society, we encourage one week where women get the chance to balance the inequality- by picking up the check. In return, guys join the conversation. 

do you know someone you would like to treat? 

Use the invitation and share it on social media to help spread awareness. 

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