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#Hunspanderer er en holdningskampanje for likestilling i Norge. Kvinner er den største gruppen av mennesker som har vært diskriminert over lengst tid. Likevel blir kvinneundertrykkelse ofte sett på som et ”kvinneproblem” heller enn et menneskerettighetsproblem, og økt likestilling blir vurdert som noe som primært angår og gavner kvinner. Man vet imidlertid at samfunn med mer likestilling fungerer bedre både økonomisk og sosialt.


Our mission is to find solutions, take action and see real change. Our solution is a data-driven and research-based effort to increase gender balance in corporations.

#ShesGotThis was started as non-profit, youth-led organization founded in 2015, addressing unconscious bias and gender stereotypes. Following several successful campaigns, we have seen the need to move beyond awareness and insight, to action and change. Therefore, we have embarked on a research project with the Centre for Research on Gender Equality (CORE) to find and validate solutions on how to improve gender balance. An important component in this work is using data to gain insights concerning where the issues arise.

equality check for business

Equality Check for Business is developed through a collaboration with the Centre for on Gender Equality (CORE) and ShesGotThis. The tool measures gender balance based a variety of indicators selected to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of gender balance in your company. Based on companies self-reported data you will detect problem areas and receive suggestions on how to improve gender balance. Our solutions are continuously updated with the latest research and our own findings.

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We develop products and services for corporations who want to achieve gender balance through a data driven and evidence based approach.