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#Hunspanderer er en holdningskampanje for likestilling i Norge. Kvinner er den største gruppen av mennesker som har vært diskriminert over lengst tid. Likevel blir kvinneundertrykkelse ofte sett på som et ”kvinneproblem” heller enn et menneskerettighetsproblem, og økt likestilling blir vurdert som noe som primært angår og gavner kvinner. Man vet imidlertid at samfunn med mer likestilling fungerer bedre både økonomisk og sosialt.




Join the global community of members in #ShesGotThis and prove your support for the quest towards achieving true gender equality. 

The membership fee (200 NOK) is used directly to fund our campaigns. As a member of #ShesGotThis you will receive an annual email about our progress, and you will be invited to exclusive events during our campaigns.

Please remember to Vipps (search for HunSpanderer in the Vipps app and transfer the money) or pay the membership fee separately using the payment option below after you fill in the membership form. When we have received your fee we will send you your membership confirmation (this might take a few days).

If you choose to join as an engaged member we will reach out to you for help and support in future events and activities.

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