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#Hunspanderer er en holdningskampanje for likestilling i Norge. Kvinner er den største gruppen av mennesker som har vært diskriminert over lengst tid. Likevel blir kvinneundertrykkelse ofte sett på som et ”kvinneproblem” heller enn et menneskerettighetsproblem, og økt likestilling blir vurdert som noe som primært angår og gavner kvinner. Man vet imidlertid at samfunn med mer likestilling fungerer bedre både økonomisk og sosialt.



about us

#ShesGotThis is founded by Marie Louise Sunde & Isabelle Ringnes. Iver Skjervum-Karlsen is our tech-lead.

marie louise sunde

Surgeon and has a PHD in surgery. Founder of #ShesGotThis. Chair and CEO. Co-author Hvem Spanderer.

Iver Skjervum-Karlsen

Our tech lead and developer of He has a MSc in Computer Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Iver has extensive experience with complex projects and has held several technical talks at conferences in Norway. He is father of two, a boy and a girl, making him even more passionate about driving equal opportunities and eager to use technology as a driver to overcome unconscious bias and unequal treatment.

isabelle ringnes

Co-founder and board member of #ShesGotThis. Works actively to inspire young girls to chose technology through TENK. Faculty at Singularity University Nordic. Host of the podcast Future Forecast. Product manager of and board member at Kron. Co-author Hvem Spanderer.